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Tone’s Seven Days Of Clarity – Day 1 The Reason

Day One - The Reason

During the past couple of years, life has truly done a number on me. It’s time for me to heal......

For those of you that do not personally know me my name is Antonio but most people call me Tone. You may know me from my company Vacay On Layaway, my event Fiesta In Ecstasy, our juice bar Juiced By Shic & my weight loss transformation story. I am a father of six children and last but not least Syn’s husband (11 years and counting).

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I completed a lengthy juice detox. I realized that she got more out of the experience than I did. I completed a multi day juice detox while my wife had an experience. She seemed like a new person after her fast; I took it as a joke where she took this experience seriously.

I am just a couple days away from being honored by Jamaica for being one of their top 50 travel specialist out of the USA, London and Canada. I was honored last year for the first time though I was unable to soak in the experience as I had a lot on my mind. This year I want to be proud of my accomplishment and celebrate my success as this is something that I should truly be proud of.

I always pretend that I am so strong, deep down I’m scarred from numerous heartbreaks and disappointments. By nature I’m a man that tries to hide his hurt instead of dealing with it. For years I have suffered in silence, during the next six days I am going to open up about several things that have happened in my life that I have not yet healed from. 

Writing has always calmed me, it gives me the power to be able to express myself without being interrupted. Sometimes you just gotta get 💩 off your chest and then you can move on. I am hoping to accomplish this before this series is over.

At times I can be somewhat of an emotional wreck. I am an emotional eater, I eat a lot when times get tough. Since November of 2015 I have gained close to 70lbs, I decided that in 2019 this weight has to go. Juicing helps me out a lot, by consuming fresh nutrients and lower calories I will be able to get rid of my excess weight and keep it off. I will also be working out during this time daily, I am hoping to escape the 200’s before I leave for Jamaica.

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s edition, since it’s Throwback Thursday I’m gonna taking it all the way back to my birth....... This is where my story gets interesting.


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Toy Ann McCray

Yeeees Bro, I love it healing drim the inside out.
Im here to support you.
Praying for strength and understanding.



    Thx blessings to you and yours!

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